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Pahla Kadam Foundation, a non-profit and non-political organization that works for the benefit of the humans and environment.

The main aim of Pahla Kadam is to educate each and every child in India and give these children a chance at better future. We have conducted various researches till now and are working at the north side of the country to ensure that students from poor backgrounds get a fair shot at life.

Education is a pillar on which a society is made and taking that right away from anyone nothing short of crime, that we all are guilty of committing.

Pahla Kadam also believes that if the dream of providing the much required education would result in the better chances of improvement in the conditions of the environment. People, who are otherwise unaware, about the various drawbacks of certain behavior and its effects on the mother earth would know more and hopefully work for the greater good. This eventually should lead to a sustainable environment that we and our future generations can enjoy.

Pahla Kadam believes in a holistic view on the problems of our people and believes that the core of all evil is lack of education in the youngsters you either starve to death or live by means that are looked down upon by the society. To break this cycle of hate and to help those who have suffered at the hands of fate, we ask for volunteers to help and donate for the good of the extended family.

Pahla Kadam Foundation

Reg. No. 1634, House No. 50, F/F, KH No.-139, Gali No. 2, IGNOU Road, Village Neb Sarai, New Delhi - 110068



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