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Pahla Kadam has taken it upon itself to provide the primary education to children who come from a background that does not see it as a necessity. We do this by providing workshops to the people, telling them the importance of education and urging them to send their children to school. We are also working to set up formal and informal education centers nearby where children can go to study. We also work to stop the malpractices of child labor.

We also set up blood donation camps to provide the sick and needy with optimum amount of blood. This ensures that people do not die of blood. This is done by giving the collected blood to blood bank where it is kept till needed by the people.

Women are struggling at the hands of the patriarchal society and rural areas see the worse of it. Women empowerment is one of the strong agendas that we have. We educate women about their rights and also give them the idea of ideal behavior that a person should have towards them, educating them on the various wrong doings that are happening in the society and how to tackle such situations.

Lastly, we also work to save the environment by conducting workshops in various places telling people the ways of saving environment. We educate people about the right ways of using the water, do activities where we plant trees and also do other work for the protection of environment.

We do these things to contribute to the overall advancement of the country and hopefully make a marginal difference in the country.

Pahla Kadam Foundation

Reg. No. 1634, House No. 50, F/F, KH No.-139, Gali No. 2, IGNOU Road, Village Neb Sarai, New Delhi - 110068



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