Education For All

Education is one of the major stepping stones in the life of an individual. It is something that everyone takes for granted as parents scold children into doing it but education results in anyone getting somewhere in life.

Education is an important aspect of life and there are many benefits of completion of primary education.

When it comes to one’s own children, the best school that can be provided is looked for by the parents. It is logical as education and educational institution works as a second house for the child.

It is in this place, that the child first meets people of outside world in an independent world without the umbrella of parental security and judgment to help and guide who the child meets and talks to. This helps build the personality of the child as the child decides what kind of life he or she wishes to have here.

Primary education makes for the literacy rate of the country. According to the definition, a person qualifies as a literate person when he or she can read, write and speak one language. This skill is embedded in a child at a very early age. A child is able to do so in about 4th standard but primary education is till 8th standard.

Once a child becomes aware of the importance of education, he or she is more likely to wish for secondary or tertiary education and that zest for learning can further solidify the desire for getting admission in higher classes resulting in better future.

Basic moral values like honesty, discipline, punctuality are taught in school as well. This is done in order to prepare children for the future needs of the world no matter what they decide to do in the future. The need of meeting the deadlines and working on the projects in groups make children more aware of the work required in the world.

More literate people mean that the workforce in the future will be more equipped to work on the projects given to them and ultimately lead to increased productivity resulting in the exponential economic growth of the country.

Considering all the benefits of giving education to the children, it is obvious to work and crave for a society where everyone gets the education they need but that does not happen even when primary education is compulsory for the children. This is mostly due to the fact that the institutions which provide education are limited and often far away from the residence of the children for whom they are formed.

Pahla Kadam has taken many initiatives to tackle these situations which are listed below.

Pahla Kadam works to provide the various underprivileged children an opportunity to complete their primary education. To do this, we are setting up various formal and informal education centers where children can go every day to study.

Furthermore, we work to provide scholarships to the students whose family background does not allow them to have the much needed education. This in turn gives family the incentive to send their children to school.

The next thing that we work on is ensuring that the dropout rate does not elevate. This includes sensitization of children and parents towards need of education and counseling of students who wish to drop out of school.

When it comes to the life of the children, it is important to note that they have a future that needs to be carved by the hands of people capable of giving them the guidance they need for a good, fulfilling life. As a parent, citizen of the country and as a human being, it is our responsibility to ensure that these children go to school and complete their education.

This is what we stand for and you can join our quest of sending each child this school.