Our Mission

Our visions are diverse in nature as we do not wish to focus on one and one thing alone. We see problems to be a cluster that needs to de-tangled from various aspects before the final end result is reached.

Hence, our mission includes working on the quality of education provided to the students. This includes inauguration of formal and informal education centers for the people. We are also working on making scholarship plans for the poor, hopefully reducing the number of dropouts from the primary school.

Pahla Kadam also sets blood donation camps and works for water conservation. Some other activities that we take pride in doing are plantation of trees,, scouting and various other environmental work.

We would dedicate all our resources in order to pursue these missions to the end and make a difference in various lives.

This approach will give our members enough work to do and also give us a chance to scatter the money around more equally among the people of the nation. Things like child slavery are the horrible truths in some parts of the country and rural area and slum areas are worse affected by it. While many can turn a blind eye to the social evils thriving in our nation, we do not. Our mission will ensure that such evils cease to exist.

In the light of recent events, everyone knows that things need to change but nobody wishes to work on it and that is exactly where the problem lies.