Women Empowerment

India is known for its patriarchal reforms and cultures. It is important to note that women of all ages have been suffering due to this outlook of people and society. The percentages of girl children who get educated are much less as compared to males. This is primarily because people consider girls to be liability who will not give anything to the family but will take away fortune. This notion is further strengthened by the fact that malpractices like dowry and forcing women to stay at home and take care of their children is still prevalent in our society.

The Evils Present in Our Society

An evil that lurks in the shadow and one that is illegal and should be considered one of the greatest evil is female foeticide. This is the act of killing a child in the womb purely because the gender of the child is girl. Many girl children are born but later are either left in front of the orphanages or even worse, dumped in an area so that the parents do not need for ale care of her as they wanted a boy.

If the girl child survives, the condition doesn’t get any better. With the rise in rape cases involving gang-rape of children as you as a few months old to old ladies of up to 80 years, girls seem not to be safe in the world.

Women are also being killed by the in-laws because the dowry given was not enough or they would like to extract more money out of her parents. Various suicide cases blaming the torturous behavior of the husband and husband’s family.

The other problem that is present for the women who are working is the inequality in pay. This is the problem that two people of equal work and experience are being paid different amount of money on the basis of gender. Women on the same as as their male counterparts earn less.

Glass ceiling effect caters to the fact that women tend to have a limited scope when it comes to reaching any higher level position. In the workforce of lower levels, the number of females and males are more proportional but as the levels of positions increases, the disproportion of the males and females increases, leaving girls far behind.

How Can We Help Change The Situation?

It is crucial that we know about the need of teaching women in the society. Many women work in the field; earn bread and butter for their family. They work day in and day out, be it at home or work. The condition can be made much better if they are given basic education. This will help increase the level of their self-esteem, and also give them a clear idea of exactly what is right and what is wrong. This is what we work towards. We give them education they need to get a hang of reality.

The discrimination against women, especially in terms of pay needs to be taken care of. Equal pay needs to be made compulsory for all companies. And in order do so, it is important to take initiatives sensitizing the higher authorities as well as workforce people working on lower levels about the importance of women. And it has become important to teach women their worth and teach them about the need of changing their outlook on life. Teaching them to take charge of their life and never give up on themselves.

People, especially women need to know about the need to stand against the act of female foeticide.

If all these problems are tackled are simultaneously, we would be able to empower women in our nation, half the workforce of our country, improving the economy of the country and overall freedom and happiness index of the country.