Our Vision

Having a vision in life is crucial for the most part as not having one can make your life heinous. This is what many people lack and what we wish to provide.

A future where no one has the right to blame the system for the lack of opportunities in life is what we strive for.

Pahla Kadam has a vision where in the future every person is able to cater to his or her needs and the people are working to push each other to the path of success and not dismay. The condition of the country in this aspect is grim as many people believe that in order to gain something, somebody else needs to be taken down. It is clear as to where this mentality comes from but we are working to make these negative emotions evaporate.

A future where every state of our country has 100% literacy rate and children do not dropout of school. The other thing on our vision board is the removal of any ill practices related to the environment. We are also working on the blood donation camps so that no one has to die due to lack of it.

The other thing that we wish to do is reform the method of learning so that children can develop their learning skills and in the process, promote sports among children.

This would be done through various activities and we are hoping to attain this goal in the next 10 years.