How You Can Help

Reading all the third world problems definitely puts life in perspective. It tells us a lot about all the things that we took for granted and other people hope for. With a shelter over our heads, good schools to go to, experienced teachers and faculty that listened to us, abundant food on the plates more than 3 times a day and new clothes every month is just a norm that we saw ourselves entitled to but seeing these kids not even have these basic amenities talks volumes about the condition of the country. You might be one of the lucky ones born on the better sides of the track but equal amount of people are birthed on the wrong side.

As the more blessed members of the society, it is our duty to put a smile on these faces. They too are living being. If we have compassion for animals, then we sure have compassion for humans. But you cannot adopt a child or bring unsafe women to your homes and give them a place to live. Making people stay away from their family just so that they have good upbringing is just cruel.

So What Can Be Done?

    1. For one, donate. It takes money to run schools and pay teachers for the services they provide. If you donate money to the cause, you are ensuring a better infrastructure for the schools in which children can come to study and better teachers for them.

    2. Volunteering is another thing to do. You can volunteer for work related to this. This includes going on work in the areas where the surveys or classes be it for children or adults are conducted and participating in it. It can be you giving the lecture or just helping gather the people.

    3. Participate in fundraising. Normally, NGO’s need funds in order to function. And passionate people can help convince people to contribute to a cause, eventually resulting in betterment of the society.

    4. Letting other people know about a particular NGO can have a great impact on the society and their willingness to help. This includes spreading the word about the NGO in order to raise awareness about it.

    5. More people are likely to donate to cause when they know about a NGO that actively works for it.

    6. And more people in need of the services provided by the NGO will be willing to come forward for taking the said help. It is only possible when they know about the NGO.

    7. Freelance work with the NGO. If you have a particular set of skills that can help the NGO improve its work but do not have the time, worry not. You can still contribute by giving as much time as you please when you can. This also contributes heavily to the work and also helps in raising your skills.